May 18:  Boeke & Jackson Field Trip to Fargo

May 18:  1st Grade Field Trip to Wahpeton

May 19:  Morning Munch with Art Masters Open House

May 19:  Braaten, Sederquist & wenschlag Field Trip to Fargo

May 19:  5th Grade Field Trip to Itasca

May 22:  Award / Talent Show Rehearsal

May 23:  Talent Show/ Awards (K-1st 8:30 am, 4th & 5th 10:00 am, 2nd & 3rd 1:00 pm)

May 24:  Field Trip for 5th Graders to SkyZone

May 24: End of the Year Picnic for Grades K-4




 2017 MCA Testing Schedule for Rossman


Student Title Survey 

Student ADSIS Survey