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Perspective for Parents

What is Perspective?
Perspective is a website designed to provide professionally selected materials that enrich and improve students' knowledge and skills in areas where they are having difficulty. Using the "Learning Locator Number" found on student's MCAII test report, Perspective links students' test results with targeted learning resources and facilitates parental involvement in student improvement.

The website enables family members to become active participants in their children's educational progress by providing prescriptive resources for family members who want deeper insight into their child's assessment scores.
  • What's New With Perspective

New web-based tools launched

  • New four-function, scientific and graphing calculators have been added to the Learning Resources area. Click the Tools link to access them or visit them directly here.
  • Students may access the calculators here.
  • More science resources are available
  • Significant additions to the Science Library have been introduced including new videos, interactivities, and websites.
For the most up-to-date information on Perspective, visit the blog APerspective at:


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